How To Gain A Completely Unfair Advantage By Writing GREAT Sales Copy FASTER Than You Ever Thought Possible...

How To Gain A Completely Unfair Advantage By Writing GREAT Sales Copy FASTER Than You Ever Thought Possible...


"Lightning Fast Copy"

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How to rapidly write high-powered sales copy for all your ads, emails, sales letters, social media, and products that SELLS....

Fact: The right words have the power to sell.

But many people struggle to find them...

And even if they do, it's a long, tortuous process of researching, writing, editing, testing, and optimizing that never ends!

In the fast-paced world of online marketing that long, slow process doesn't work...

Because, as the great Dan Kennedy said, "Money loves speed."

So what if you could not only write high-powered sales copy...

But do it FASTER than you ever dreamed possible?

In minutes, not hours...

Using a proven method that you can apply to ALL of your sales and marketing messages!

What would THAT mean for YOU?

For Freelancers: You'd be able to take copywriting clients on and churn out jobs quickly...while at the same time charging HIGHER prices for faster delivery! (Even churning out whole sales pages in a single day...)

For Creators: You could bring your products to market quickly and efficiently while insuring they're presented in a way that compels people to buy!

For Marketers: You'd be able to create and launch multiple offers in the time it takes to release just one. More offers, more money!

For Affiliates: You'd write more and better promotions for all your affiliate offers and leave your competition in the dust!

MORE speed means MORE output and MORE money!

Whether you're writing for yourself or others.

Because if time is money...the fastest pen wins!

The good news is you can learn a way to write sales copy quickly thats FAST and POWERFUL!

Because, I've discovered a way to write high-converting sales copy LIGHTNING FAST and I'll share it with you in just a second...

But first, you might be wondering...

Who is this guy and why should I care?

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Jake Schmelzer

Husband. Father. Entrepreneur. Copywriting aficionado and six-figure, serial side-hustler!

My name is Jake and I specialize in selling stuff with words...

Otherwise known as copywriting...

In the past few years I went from making a few bucks with various dinky side-hustles to making over $500,000/year selling books, courses, and coaching....

That shift was all because of learning one thing....

How to write words that sell...FAST!

I developed a new method that combines the best direct-response copywriting techniques from the past with a super efficient writing process and started using it in my sales copy, emails, videos, and sales letters...

Which helped me make more products, offers, and money in a hurry!

And the results speak for themselves...

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My SamCart Account From The Past Few Months...

The good news is I've created a step by step training to teach you my Lightning Fast Copy method and I can't wait to get it in your hands!

It's a multi-part video course that walks you through exactly what to do and how to do it...

Here's What You'll Discover Inside:

The 4 Shocking Secrets Of Lightning Fast Copy that let you blast out rough drafts of your ads, emails, and sales letters in a FLASH!

7 Ruthless Weapons of Persuasion that lay waste to your prospect's objections, price resistence, and disbelief...

The 3 Step G.P.S. Method for rapidly pinpointing exactly what to write or say to your prospect at any time! (Perfect for when you're stuck and have no clue what to say next...)

Headline Hacks you can use to rapidly create powerful headlines that stop customers in their tracks. (Coming Soon)

Deadly Bullet Formulas that give you an unmatched marketing arsenal...striking fear into the heart's of your competitors! (Coming Soon)

An out of the box way to use the 80/20 principle in your copywriting that boosts conversions while dramatically reducing the time it takes to write!

The counter-intuitive reason people ACTUALLY buy and how to leverage it to see your results improve INSTANTLY.

How to know if your OFFER will work before you even create it. (This alone will save you time, money, and effort!)

The 4 Pillars of Effective Copywriting so your copy will always be built on a solid foundation.

A 10 step creative process that puts you in the "flow" so you can write hard-hitting copy quickly and easily. (When you combine this with the other elements of the Lightning Fast Copy method you'll be unstoppable. No more blank page syndrome!)

Where to find an UNLIMITED supply of inspiration for your ads, emails, sales letters, and products so you'll never be STUCK again!

And much more!

In the spirit of speed I won’t belabor the point...

For a limited time you can get LIGHTNING FAST COPY for only $299 $99!

Let me be clear,

This training will not only help you write copy FASTER…

It will help you write BETTER copy at the same time.

Because my formula includes some of the most powerful copywriting tactics and strategies ever discovered.

The same ones that I’ve used to sell hundreds of thousands worth of products and services…

But now you’ll not only have the POWER of great copy on your side.

You’ll have it at a moment’s notice.

So You'll Be Able To:

Write high-converting copy for your own products or services in a flash…

Sell your own services as a copywriter - and crank out high-powered copy your clients love in a fraction of the time...allowing you to charge high-fees with minimum time invested…

Write better ads, emails, sales letters, and video scripts in far less time…

Spend more time creating products or doing whatever the heck you want with your life while your copy does the heavy lifting…

I don't have to tell you how valuable your TIME really is.

So why not spend a LOT less of it writing ad copy while still getting great results?

That's what you'll get with LIGHTNING FAST COPY!

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That ain't it's bonus time.

Big Fat Bonus #1: Winning With Email Course (Learn the best email marketing tactics for rapidly improving the responsiveness and profitability of your email list. You'll learn how to leverage unsubscribes for your benefit, how to ethically swipe your competitors marketing emails, and how to sell in every email without burning out your list. And much much more...

Big Fat Bonus #2: Starting An Online Business From Scratch (Take a deep dive into what it takes to get started online. You'll receive a 2-hour coaching call replay I did with some of my clients including the live Q&A. If you've ever said, "Where do I start?" This is perfect for you.

Big Fat Bonus #3: Pinch-Point Pricing (Learn how to correctly price your products and services for yourself and your customers. This simple pricing model eliminates confusion over what to charge!

100% Confidence Guarantee

I'm so confident you'll love LIGHTNING FAST COPY that I'll give you a full 30 days from the time of purchase to learn and apply my methods. If at anytime in the next 30 days you don't believe this training is worth every penny you paid and more, just let me know and I'll swiftly refund your investment. Now get out there and make some money LIGHTNING FAST!

65% Discount Ends SOON!

Note: Your course will be delivered in the new Boring Old Business mobile app which includes several free marketing lessons and even a FREE course: Launching An Online Business From Scratch.

The mobile app allows you to watch/listen or even download the course right on your phone!

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